Farewell Fantasyland

Time for Economic & Political Reality

Let's face it:
The rich and powerful have declared class war against working Americans and they're winning.

From Barron’s magazine (our most prestigious conservative financial publication for serious investors), Feb. 16, 2004, at the height of George Bush's popularity:

“Bush … is engineering a fundamental change in the tax system. By gradually taking capital out of the tax base through reductions in levies on dividends, capital gains and inheritances, Bush is transforming the income tax into a pure tax on wages. If Bush can finish his work, the capital gains, dividend and estate taxes may disappear entirely.”

How's that for a dictionary definition of an aristocracy? Wealth is inherited, the income from wealth is not taxed, and all taxes are placed on those who actually work for a living.

It’s time we got back to the kind of democratic capitalism that actually made America the great country that it used to be. Right now, we have a government that lacks the values that are necessary for a civilized society: respect for honest work, decent pay for those at the bottom of our economy, adequate health care and a decent education for all, and so on.

That’s what the book, Farewell Fantasyland, is all about.

About the book:

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The illustrated Farewell Fantasyland frames new arguments about important controversial economic issues in a manner that will appeal to well informed readers, as well as to those who don’t normally read nonfiction books about political economics.

Historical precedent, statistics, and current events overwhelmingly favor traditional liberal economic policies. Why, then, are liberals having so much trouble getting their message across? It’s all in how they are framing their arguments, and in their reluctance to confront, head-on, significant public biases and misconceptions.

The illustrated Farewell Fantasyland addresses these problems by taking the reader step-by-step through a series of basic realities, from “wealth consists of products and services,” to “globalization is our nation’s disaster.”

Among other realities explained:

  • Good government, not capitalism, made our economy the greatest in the world.

  • Bad government, not capitalism, caused our present economic meltdown.

  • Wealth is a zero-sum game at both the front end, when it is distributed, and the back end, when it is spent in auction markets

  • Conservatives sold us international trade based on sound economic principles, but gave us trade based on destroying working-class wages

  • More or better education won’t enable workers to defend their living standards against foreign competition. That’s true of workers at all levels: assembly line workers, engineers, computer programmers, accountants, scientists, etc.

  • Wealth redistribution, not WWII, got us out of the Great Depression

  • The world is not flat—it’s a mountain. The world’s wealthy and powerful are at the top and the world’s workers at the bottom.

  • And much, much more.

These are Kelly's books that led up to his development of Farewell Fantasyland:

CLASS WAR IN AMERICA: How Economic and Political Consrvatives Are Exploiting Low- and Middle-Income Americans

Since those who are doing so well in our society refuse to be swayed by the documented, reasoned discourse of others, it's time to direct attention to their own words in their own publications: The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, Barron's and Business Week.

Class War in America draws attention to the massive amounts of material that say the same thing: financial conservatives are ruthlessly taking unfair advantage of working Americans—and they are feeling virtuous about it. Their concerted action is not so much a conspiracy as a religion, complete with its own set of values and moral standards. Today, the morality of any given action is to be judged solely by its impact on the bottom line.

Greed, traditionally considered as one of the seven deadly vices, has now become a virtue. Our federal government's economic practices are to be judged only by their adherence to the new conservative bible, rather than by their impact on society.

Class War in America can be obtained at Amazon.com. Used copies are widely available on the internet. However, you can download the book free by going to Google Books

and Other Right Wing Assaults on Common Sense

Rush Limbaugh and his dittoheads pretend to represent the interests of the general public, when they actually represent the interests of investors and the established wealthy.

Limbaugh type demagogues openly defend those who historically have always benefited when workers' wages are kept low and profits high, when jobs are exported out of our country, when the environment is raped, when a new tax system favors the rich—and so on. They artfully coverup the fact, however, that they also are from the same economic school that has fought every attempt to improve the lives of working-class American families—child labor laws, overtime laws, audited financial statements, safe working conditions, medical benefits, pension funding safeguards, progressive taxes, inheritance taxes, etc.

The public needs to understand these demagogues' role in covering-up the true objectives of the right-wing political movement, and the cause-and-effect relationships between conservative political ideology and its disastrous economic and social consequences.

The Great Limbaugh Con can be obtained at Amazon.com. Used copies are widely available on the internet. It also can be downloaded free from Google Books.
THE DESTRUCTIVE ACHIEVER; Power and Ethics in the American Corporation

Democrats are passing up what should be one of the most powerful and persuasive principles of modern management: it is far more effective and cheaper to prevent problems from occurring than to let problems grow and then try to solve them. It is especially important not to let short-term expediencies add to the growth of long-term problems. This is THE most important justification for government that the public needs to understand.

Unfortunately, as human organizations or societies get bigger, older and more complex, "Destructive Achievers" tend to become dominant. They are promoted or elected to power because they are willing to satisfy the short-term desires of the most powerful members of the group, even at the expense of the group's long-term health. Republicans personify the popular "reactive leader."

True political leaders have a proactive approach to problem-solving. They believe that the first role of government is to prevent problems from getting worse, or from occurring in the first place. True leaders understand that it is quite possible for problems to expand beyond solution. Destructive Achievers, on the other hand (in order to satisfy their political supporters) try to cut short-term costs (e.g., taxes) by not addressing, or even admitting, that problems exist.

In today's political environment, progressive Democrats are beyond doubt the proactive problem-solvers, and Republicans and conservative Democrats are reactive Destructive Achievers. This obvious fact MUST be demonstrated to the American voter. It should be quite easy to do. The Destructive Achiever is out of print, but is widely available on the internet. It also can be downloaded free from Google Books.

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